Spotify Perfectly Tunes the End to Your 2014 with New Feature

When a company that’s roughly 6 years old is valued around three to four billion dollars, it’s safe to say they’re probably doing something right. What company is that you may ask? Well it’s the music streaming service, Spotify. Sitting atop its class competitors, 2014 has been one hell of year for this growing company, and it’s set to close out your year with a bang. And a rather personal one at that.

Calling it the “Year In Music 2014,” Spotify takes your most-listened to genres, top artists, albums and playlists, and makes you what should supposedly be the “perfect” playlist. As well as everything listed above, you will also find out the exact amount of time you spent listening to music this past year, which days of the week you listened to music the most, and whether you listened to music on the go or on your computer. At least with regards to using their streaming service.

This awesome feature is available now and can be found via Spotify’s “Year in Music 2014” link! This is something we recommend definitely checking out as its probably the only notable feature like this out there from any online music streaming service.