Spoon- Inside Out (Tycho Remix)

Indie pop legends, Spoon, were just rewarded the number one spot on the Side One Track One‘s top 50 songs of 2014. As the top track for the entire year, ‘Inside Out’, is an immaculate song that is as beautiful in its construction and production as it is to just sit back and listen to. By giving the original tune a listen, it’s hard to imagine how one would begin to build upon a song like this and not lose any of it’s original graceful appeal. Tycho has done it.

Tycho’s remix of ‘Inside Out’, like the original, is a jaw-droopingly beautiful song, but this time incorporates that glowing Tycho sound. The vocal edits, and drum breakdowns of the remix give the song a little more pace and kick, but maintain and enhance the full swelling nature of the harps and crescendos and take the song to a whole new level of sound. Both the original and the remix of ‘Inside Out’ are impeccable songs that both deserve the top spot of 2014.