Showtek Teams Up With Footlocker Europe For Acoustic Version of
It is crazy to think that is has been nearly a year and half since the release of Showtek’s hit single “Booyah”. One of the biggest hits of the 2014 festival season, as well as staple in the dutch duo’s sets to this very day, the song still gets crowds going worldwide. Focusing on strong vocals from Sonny Wilson, brothers, Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen have teamed up with the vocalist again for an acoustic version of this massive tune. Featuring a violinist, Sonny Wilson, as well as, Wouter on the piano, this tamed down version is a wonderful rendition for the generally big room-all-the-time-group.

Released as a promotion with Footlocker Europe, Showtek is set to give three friends a VIP experience unlike any other. It is clear just how important that sneaker shots are in this short clip, but what we are definitely sure about is whenever the full length version of this acoustic rework drops, it is definitely going to be awesome! Stay tuned for the full release, but for now check out the short clip below.