Rain Man and deadmau5 Take Stabs at Krewella via Twitter


In case any of you have been living under a rock for the last few months, here’s a quick summary of what has happened in regards to the ongoing Krewella-related drama. Rain Man sued the Yousaf sisters for 5 million dollars saying he was wrongfully kicked out, Yasmine Yousaf responded by telling fans not to jump to conclusions, both parties released new material that was met with mixed reviews and Jahan Yousaf wrote an article about how deadmau5 saved her from ‘going into porn‘. deadmau5 ended up responding to those comments in a series of tweets and did not show much mercy for the female artist:

Although he was not as harsh as his fellow producer, Rain Man also had a few choice words for not only the sisters, but the Krewella ‘team’ as a whole. Unlike deadmau5, Kris Trindl does not tweet very much and when he does, it’s usually not too controversial. That being said, it’s interesting that he took to social media to voice his frustrations. It’s still unclear if it was Jahan’s article or some other new development that sparked this comment, but one thing that we’re sure of is that this soap opera is far from over.