The Prodigy Teases Release of New Single, “Nasty Nasty”

As most electronic music fans already know by now, electronic royalty The Prodigy, is set to release their long-awaited sixth album soon – potentially by spring 2015. Band member Liam Howlett cheekily warned that the band’s album would “wipe the floor” with the current dance DJs. Ever since the music world caught wind of this epic announcement, we have all been simultaneously stirring with elation, curiosity and borderline-unbearable anticipation.

Thankfully for us, The Prodigy assured fans that they won’t have to wait much longer to get a taste of what they have in store. In a recent post to their Facebook page, the band teased that the first single off their new album will drop sometime this coming January. They left out the precise date of the premiere, along with other helpful details, but we can deduce from this post that the title will be called ‘Nasty Nasty’.

Beyond giving fans a mere release month for ‘Nasty Nasty’ accompanied by its vibrant punky artwork, there are no further details regarding the album, its name or its release date. We can only hope that The Prodigy’s new album will meet everyone’s high expectations, hopefully by showcasing tracks that draw inspiration from their roots while simultaneously deliver fresh, new songs with their quintessential edgy and in-your-face sound. If you can’t wait until January to sink your teeth into The Prodigy’s work, check out one of our latest articles containing some of our favorite Prodigy tracks from over the years (and get some serious education on the band, too).