Lido Has Fans Play Their Way to a Free 11 Track Bundle


With possibly the most intimate and beautiful sound in half-time production, Lido has swiftly gained great momentum and made his way into the ears of more and more dance fans. After coming off a highly played and well received guest mix for Diplo & Friends, and releasing a remix collection of his first official EP I Love You, the Norwegian musician has a little surprise for his  fans on his official website.

On his homepage there is a simple section of piano and a single measure of music in treble clef. When you play the notes on the screen you’ll hear Lido’s small signature melody that he tends to put in his records and you’ll receive instant access to an 11 song compilation featuring his four original productions from the I Love You EP and all brand new unreleased remixes. The remixes include some other top notch, not so mainstream producers like Crookers, Lazerdisk and 813 all bringing their own unique feel to the various productions. Tis’ the season of giving, and this is a really creative way to gift a little something special to his fans. Access Lido’s site here!!