Man Knocked Out Cold During Brutal Fight at Stereosonic [VIDEO]

All across dance music the idea of PLUR is obeyed, and in many ways becomes a way of life for many people for the duration of the festival. However, there are always outliers, and that is unfortunately what we witnessed at this year’s edition of Stereosonic Music Festival in Australia this week.

A video of the fight has gone viral, and it is one of the most brutal we have seen at a festival yet. Disputes are bound to happen in areas packed with as many people as a music festival, but the aftermath of this fight is completely unnecessary. A large group of men are already tussling when the video begins, but one man (in the light blue shorts) took it upon himself to instigate with others around him. In the end, he got what he had coming to him when he gets hit from the side, knocking him out cold.

The video is not the representation any raver wants to have put on dance music culture. Let’s hope that the unidentified man received help following the incident. Fighting does not belong in our culture, and we hope anyone involved in this situation learned his lesson.