Here’s a remix of a classic ‘Lord of the Rings’ Tune, just in time for the Hobbit release

It’s December 17th, which means people are donning costumes of elves and wizards while they head to their local theater to see the final installment of Peter Jackson’s hobbit trilogy, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. It might come as a bitter sweet conclusion to what has been over a decade of films set in Tolkein’s Middle Earth universe, but we are all waiting on baited breath for one last chance to see Legolas kill a few orcs without even looking at them.

So if you plan on making an expected, or unexpected, journey to the theater this week to see the film on its opening weekend, and need a tune to get all your fantasy synapses firing then we have a tune for you. You may recognize Billy Boyd’s haunting vocal solo from ‘Return of the King’, with its ominous and enchanting strings that signal the doom of Faramir as he charges towards the lost river city. Well one producer took the chance to reimagine this song, ‘Edge of Night’, into a dream-like soundscape with a deep-house undertone and large-scale ambient atmospheres that is sure to get you in the questing mood.

Peep the tune below, and make sure to check out The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies.