Feed Me Announces Release Date For Forthcoming Spor Album & New EP

Jon Gooch has been the man behind numerous different musical projects, which all amass large followings due to the producer’s unique approach to sound, samples, music, and grizzled baselines. Though he has been releasing handfuls of singles, Eps, and even an album under his most acclaimed alias of Feed Me, die hard Jon Gooch fans have been anxious for more material from one of his earlier projects: Spor.

Spor is a pure Drum and Bass acts that is responsible for the release of “Ziggurat / Push Me, Pull You” which was the last Spor release, dating back to October of 2012. Now Jon took to twitter to announce the release of a new, and long awaited, Spor EP. Though rumors have flown across the internet about when a possible release could be, this announcement is the first guaranteed and official information on the project. The new Spor release will be set for the first of March, which comes along with the announcement of another Feed Me EP which is sure to be flawless.