The Entourage Boys Are Back Alongside Calvin Harris In New Movie Trailer

The Boys Are Back: E, Vinny, Drama, Turtle, and Ari Return, with Calvin Harris in Tow in Entourage The Movie

Ah, yes. Entourage. If you don’t like this show, there’s the door, show yourself out. In all seriousness, HBO’s hit dramedy defined a generation of men in this great country of ours, and many were sad to see its inevitable decline and eventual conclusion a few years ago. Entourage the movie has been hinted at for years now, and 2014 saw snippets of information flow out onto the internet, primarily from Mark Wahlberg interviews and TMZ stories. 12/23/2014 officially marks the day that an official siting was finally made, as the first trailer surfaced earlier this afternoon. Now, you might be wondering, why is a dance music publication writing a piece about Entourage -a subject matter that has absolutely nothing to do with dance music. Well, that’s because Calvin Harris is in this movie, and Vince appears to be playing some sort of DJ/zombie killer dude in his new “movie”. That’s good enough for us. Needless to say, the trailer looks sick. Skinny Turtle, angry Ari, Rob Gronkowski drinking beer, Calvin Harris being all Calvin Harris-ey in some role that isn’t quite clear yet, Drama saying stupid shit, and Vinny Chase being a baller. The boys are back in town, indeed.