Deorro Steps Off the Stage and Into the Studio, Releases Powerful ‘Boombox’ EP

Deorro – Boombox EP

The PandaFunk bossman recently dropped some heavy hearted news as he closes the tour-life chapter of his life. Admittedly that’s left the dance world a lil’ down in the dumps lately, but he’s entering a new chapter of production and released a new two-track EP: Boombox.

Boombox is comprised of two Deorro originals, with some help from Dirty Audio and iE-z on one of the titles. ‘Stopping Us’ is a three-drop arrangement of progressive chords and electro stabs; this production manages to build up your spirits with its uplifting melody and then prompts you to release that build up in a rage of sheer energy when the electro synths crash in. As mentioned earlier, ‘Hit It’ enlists the help of Dirty Audio and  iE-z, and is oriented more for the club life; a sexy guitar-esque riff sets a devious tone for the track, and the trap inspired madness that follows is proper fun. Deorro may not be taking the stage anytime soon, but so long as this studio-wizard continues to crank out productions like this, the world will remain a happy place. Boombox is out on Ultra Records and can be purchased through both iTunes and Beatport.

Deorro – Panda Funk EP | iTunes | Beatport