Dan Bilzerian Banned For Life From LIV Miami For Booting Girl’s Face

 photo 10731083_1554996531404276_2594219152784237903_n_zps5404038e.jpg
For the large portion of the world that goes on social media or even remotely talks about social media, the name Dan Bilzerian has definitely come up in conversation once, twice, maybe three times. Similarly to how Jen Selter and her ass being famous on Instagram, the outlandish public figure that is Dan B. has the most eclectic and outrageous Instagram known to man.

This past weekend while visiting LIV Miami for his 34th birthday, it was reported that Dan Bilzerian kicked a female patron right in the face with his right boot. Whether the women was acting reckless or trying to get Mr.Bilzerian’s attention, there seems to be no place for something like that within any part of society. With the event in question still very much up in the air, and with no police report filed against Mr.Bilzerian, the blurry video below definitely pants a small picture of what could have actually occurred, as well as response from Dan Bilzerian, himself.

via Daily Mail