Brace Yourself! The Dada Land Compound Is Back
Try not to go bananas when we tell you this but. . . The Dada Land Compound experience is making a comeback, but this time Olle and Stefan will be bringing the ruckus across North America, hitting various cities along what will be the Dada Land Compound Tour. Just yesterday, Dada Life left a teaser video on their official Dada Land Compound website, shrouded in deliberate mystery. If that video doesn’t have you jittering in anticipation, I don’t know what will.

The Dada Land Compound shows have made appearances in the US before, hitting Richmond, CA/San Diego/Philly/Brooklyn, but this resurgence will bring a newfound immersive audiovisual experience and enhanced production values for all those in attendance. Boasting an environment governed only by the laws of Dada, fans have the freedom to express themselves and enjoy all the fruits Dada Land has to offer. So if you have not had the opportunity to experience the madness yourself, keep your eyes and ears peeled for forthcoming details regarding the tour.