SoundCloud Pays Tribute To 25th Anniversary the Berlin Wall’s Fall

SoundCloud Pays Homage 25 Years After the Berlin Wall
Berliner Mauer, an experimental composer, recently uploaded a recording titled ‘The Berlin Wall of Sound‘ that SoundCloud featured as a way to pay tribute to the 25th anniversary of the Wall’s fall and the 120 people who died trying to cross it.

“The Berlin Wall of Sound is an acoustic reconstruction of the Berlin Wall,” reads the description. “Its duration of 7:32 minutes reflects the time sound needs to travel the 155 kilometers length of the Berlin Wall. Its sound wave’s shape mirrors the wall of concrete and its watchtowers. There are no comments – the tags depict the victims and mark where they were killed.”

The Berlin Wall marked the division across the German capitol between between the years 1961 and 1989. The recording has quotes spoken by a variety of German leaders from the GDR (German Democratic Republic), and the entire comment section of the tune has been replaced with petite tributes to all those who lost their lives attempting to cross the wall.

The piece is haunting, touching, and forces a remembrance of the tragic events and political turmoil of the era. Even those unfamiliar with the travesties will be moved by Mauer’s composition.