Rihanna Rejects Calvin Harris’ Track

Rihanna and Calvin Harris are titans in their respective genres; Harris enjoys a spot in EDM’s A-list and the Barbados-born pop star is one of the most bankable acts in all of music. When these two superstars came together in 2011 with “We Found Love,” both of their stars rose significantly and it was a major breakthrough moment for EDM in general.

Unfortunately, it seems their love affair was more of a one-night stand: Rihanna turned down a track Harris wrote for her new album, with R&B singer Tinashe. The songstress is working on a highly-anticipated album, which Harris claims is set to release “really soon.” According to the DJ/Producer, he “loves” the track but when it was sent to Rihanna’s camp, he never heard back about it. It seems there’s no bad blood between the duo, and that Harris thinks she may just not have been “into” the song.

Source: StereoGum