[Video] Porter Robinson Improvises To Overcome Technical Difficulties During ‘Worlds’ Tour

Porter Robinson Overcomes Technical Difficulties on 'Worlds' Tour
If you’re still not convinced by how creatively powerful Porter Robinson and his team are, his newest episode of his ‘Worlds’ Live Tour web series will show you otherwise. For those who have witnessed the new ‘Worlds’ live show, you know that issues can stem from anything and everything. One unlucky performance was faced with an obstacle, in which Porter’s controller broke mid-way. Having gone through so many shows, Porter scuffs off the mistakes of one show and decides to make the best of the next by adjusting some technical aspects and adding tracks that were unreleased. This is where we get a peek at how each show is significantly different from each other. He then walks us through the process of putting new visuals into his show, adding an epic Godzilla display for a sample he adds in ‘Flicker‘. A brand new Porter emerges from this episode as well, showing more confidence in singing, playing instruments, and being an overall solid live performer. Check out Porter and his crew going all out on the newest episode below.