Percussionist Afishal Delivers A Remarkable Cover of ‘Animals’ on MIDI Bongo Drums

In a glimpse of what could be the future of electronic music, percussionist, Afishal, performed Martin Garrix’ anthem, ‘Animals’, on live MIDI drums. The setup is a large array of MIDI controlled drums that create an energetic, live feel to a genre where the performing artist is usually very static. The pre-programed drums and incorporated loop pedals are a kinetic substitute for a typical MIDI controller. Though the setup is larger and more expensive than most advanced MIDI controllers, the drums allow for musicians who may be more accustomed to live instruments to try their hand at electronic production.

With kinetic music production technology like the MIDI drums or MIDI sphere, new doors are opened to a fresh future of possibilities for live EDM. Afishal’s performance and setup call to mind similarities with other popular live acts like Anamanaguchi or improvised EDM act and String Cheese side project, EOTO, where both of the latter consistently deliver energetic shows unlike any other in popular EDM, and maintain large cult fan bases.

We never thought ‘Animals’ could sound this good.