Moby Announces Rerelease of Hotel: Ambient

Moby took to his blog today to announce the reissue of his 2005 album, Hotel: Ambient, upon realizing that even as the artist behind the album, he had no copy.  Hotel: Ambient is the ambient accompaniment to 2005’s Hotel, Moby’s seventh studio album.  The album will be rereleased on vinyl and digital platforms on December 16th and with the reissue, Moby’s throwing in some new music and extended tracks.  In addition to the album announcement, Moby let his fans know in a tongue-in-cheek fashion that he will be embarking on his first “Ambient World Tour.”  The two-stop world tour will never actually leave Southern California: the first show, on the night of the rerelease, will be held at the Masonic Temple at LA’s Hollywood Forever Cemetery and the second show will be December 21st in Joshua Tree in the Mojave Desert.  The show at Joshua Tree is already sold out but tickets for the Hollywood Forever event are $35 and available here.  Check out Moby’s full thoughts below.

a few years ago someone stopped me and asked if i knew where and how they could get a copy of ‘hotel ambient’. and in my ignorance i had to confess that, no, i had no idea where they could get a copy of ‘hotel ambient’. and then i realized that i didn’t even have a copy of ‘hotel ambient’, and i was the one who had made it.

so to that end we’re re-releasing ‘hotel ambient’.

it will also contain some new tracks and some extended tracks.

and it’s very, very quiet, as ambient music tends to be.

i’m also doing my first ever ‘ambient world tour’, which will consist of 2 shows, both of which are pretty close to my house.

the first show will be on december 16th at the masonic temple at the hollywood forever cemetery in los angeles (tickets). and the second show will be a fundraiser on december 21st for the integratron (which was designed by aliens) in joshua tree, california (sold out).

i think we’re re-releasing ‘hotel ambient’ on december 16th, or thereabouts. and yes, we’re releasing it on vinyl as well as cd and itunes and etc.

hopefully see you soon,