David Guetta Wins First Place in Dangerous Music Video

David Guetta - Dangerous (Official Music Video - Director's Cut)

The director’s cut of David Guetta’s Dangerous music video is a cinematic work of art that viewers won’t want to miss. The French star’s elite production team meticulously crafted together a classic storyline accentuated by spectacular visuals. David Guetta and his arch nemesis, JP, battle it out for first place in a highly-awaited race with a sold-out crowd overlooking the speedway. Guetta’s crew on the track consists of sexy female stunners draped in Guetta gear with his name covering every square inch of their bodies. In a heated race in which their are several lead changes, David Guetta hits the accelerator near the end to zoom by JP, resulting in a victorious win and champagne celebration for him. In a scene saturated with typical show footage of an artist’s set, the Frenchman continues to innovate and take advantage of his lush resources with this Dangerous music video.