Tritonal – Anchor (Official Music Video)

Last time we were writing about Tritonal, we were gushing over the musical evolution that has occurred through their metamorphic series. On Wednesday, the Texas duo released their first ever music video for their single “Anchor” off of the Metamorphic III EP. The music video opens up with a man washed up on a shore, dazed and confused. He rummages around through the sand and stumbles upon a love letter from his sweetheart saying that she would always be there for him. The rest of the music video consists of him running home to her while flashbacks of their relationship cut into the video.

The music video is a perfect representation of the meaning of this song; no matter how lost you, how far out to sea, that someone will always be there for you in the same way that music is there to pick you up when you are down. Tritonal’s big message is using music to help those in need and they hammer that message home with this music video for “Anchor.” If you haven’t already you can purchase the single on iTunes.