STS9 Show Cut Short After Multiple Overdoses

Over the weekend, the electronic music community was stricken with yet another round of unfortunate overdoses that resulted in the pre-mature stoppage of STS9‘s performance in Asheville, NC, quickly becoming a trend that has marred the image of the scene. Asheville law enforcement, venue officials, and concert promoters made a joint decision to cut the show short, after “seven people had overdosed/were unresponsive and were rushed to the hospital.” As of Sunday morning, two attendees remained in critical condition.


In addition to the several overdoses, four people were arrested for crimes ranging from drug possession to resisting arrest. In a statement to the press, Sgt. Dave Romnick, stated that concertgoers “became unruly and began throwing bottles and other items at officers”, which resulted in the dispatch of at least a dozen additional officers.

STS9 took to their personal Facebook page to issue an apology for the unfortunate series of events that led to an early shutdown.

As tragedies like this continue to occur at an alarming rate, we can only hope our fellow ravers make safe and responsible decision before putting themselves and others in harm’s way.

H/T: WhiteRaverRafting