[Premiere] New World Sound – Cheer Up (Official Music Video)

Ah Friday. Such a beloved day ’round the world, for many so many reasons. For some it means the beginning of yet another rave driven weekend, for others it the relieving day before their 48 hour window to relax. Regardless of how your week went, we think we’ve got a little something for ya that’s sure to bring out a smile, and prep you for a stellar Friday. EDMTunes is proud to present New World Sound‘s official music video to their single ‘Cheer Up‘.

The boys behind New World Sound, Tyrone James and Jesse Taylor, are two Aussies with an ear for good vibes and hype sounds, and ‘Cheer Up’ the perfect tune to prove it. You can’t go wrong with a booming bass and an infectious bounce melody combo. This floor-lifter has been the theme song for their North American Cheer Up  Tour, and has left crowds bouncing on their feet since early September. We had a moment to ask them how the tour was going and how they think this sound was going, and the guys are looking to the future with the brightest of expectations.

The tune takes on a melbourne bounce sound. Do you see that genre becoming more popular in the next year or so?

“Melbourne Bounce is one of those styles that can bring all kinds of vibes. It an be dark or heavy, or upbeat and fun – you can really listen to it anywhere…People are getting more and more into the sound, digging deeper and finding the tunes that might not be as recognised as they should be, as well which is unreal to see.”

What are you most excited about regarding this tour? What are you most nervous about?

“There’s not really any nerves, just good vibes! We’re pumped for everything really – Playing for all the people who come out to our shows, testing our new tunes, meeting everyone. Its going to be mint, we know it!”

And the boys had one last thing to say to their fellow countrymen:

“We’ve got to give a shoutout to all the boys from back home in Aus who are absolutely on fire and producing some unreal tunes, they know who they are!”

With a #1 Beatport track now on their résumé (The Buzz) and the release of their massive Thomas Newson collab, ‘The Flute’, New World Sound’s 2014 has been huge and this tour has been their outlet to show it. This video is a brief summary of just how hard these two throw down. With a mixture of GoPro performance footage, backstage behind the scenes, and clips from the middle of their crowds’ madness, this music video aims to get everyone off their couch on their feet (preferably to a NWS show near you).  Luckily, the tour isn’t over yet, and new a new set of date announcements is on the horizon, so be sure to keep up with their Twitter or hit up their Facebook for all the Cheer Up Tour info you need. Now watch the video above, cheer up revel in the fact that it’s Friday!

Cheer Up