PASSiO & MarcusS - Lost For Days

PASSiO & MarcusS – Lost For Days

Long Island-based producer PASSiO releases a four-track EP entitled Lost For Days under TrapStyle’s record label. The EP features the hip-hop vocal work of MarcusS and covers a wide variety of genres, including dubstep and trap. While most of this project accentuates its heavy percussion work, the title track ‘Lost For Days (Take Me In)’ finds a balance suitable for the radio. The dark beat ushers the listener throughout the narrator’s struggle, depicting a story about someone who loses themselves in drugs. On the other hand, ‘Lost For Days’ rocks a drum and bass structure littered with the dubstep stylings PASSiO is known for. You can stream the headlining track below and check out the rest of the EP here.

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