One Direction Wants You to Remix Them into EDM Relevance
Rarely does the chance of a lifetime come around gift wrapped such as this one has. One Direction is launching a contest for UK producers to remix their song “Steal My Girl” and bring it into the EDM world by turning it into an “upfront Friday night club track to get everyone on the dance floor moving.” The lucky producer who wins this contest will get a prize of £1,500 and their remix spread to all of the crazed One Directioners out there through their many social media outlets. There is also the potential that the track will be submitted to radio stations by a radio executive from the judging panel. The highest voted track and two other commended producers will also get a £500 stipend. If you feel like you have what it takes then this is your chance to put your skills to the test and have your music reach millions of people. The winning track will be voted on by the boys of One Direction and senior A&R and Sony Music Radio executives.  While we realize the mainstream absurdity of this request, it is undoubtedly a real chance for a producer to break out in a massive way. Mainstream pop still trumps EDM ten fold in terms of popularity, and the winning producer could easily parlay such success into a career. Producers have until 7 November, 10am GMT to submit and upload their ‘Steal My Girl’ remix here, where they may also find the stems. Good luck everyone, we look forward to hearing the different interpretations!