The Newest Avicii? Nope, That’s Just An NYPD Officer Competing in a DJ Battle!

The Newest Avicii? Nope, That's Just An NYPD Officer Competing in a DJ Battle!

The NYPD has taken some major heat as of late for different events occurring throughout the city. But with negative press often dimming the bright light on the heroism and major contributions these individuals make, it is important to remember that these men and women are normal people just like you and I. This past weekend at Tilden High School out in Brooklyn, New York, there was a unique competition that brought together both the police officers and the children of the local community.

Being hailed as the “Cops vs Kids DJ Competition”, the field was fierce with up and coming youngsters and the local police force. With so many people taking their talents to the turntables, it was Lieutenant Rhodes of NYPD who stole the show. Thankfully for us, a bystander filmed the “NYPDJ” absolutely tearing it up and showing us all the finer things that music has to offer. The video can be seen below and as always, its good to see Lieutenant Rhodes and his fellow NYPD officers giving back to the local community through the spirit of music!