Moiez feat. LARCY - Illusions

Moiez feat. LARCY – Illusions

Let’s flashback to the days of 2012 when the release of quality progressive house records started to explode. That emphasis on uplifting melodic chord progressions and a tingling top-line became a captivating blueprint for future producers of this genre. Moiez and Larcy take us back to the golden days with this spiritually elevating release, ‘Illusions’, out now on Cr2 Records. The record has already received support from Mako and The Chainsmokers, both leaders in the progressive field. Larcy’s voice has this eclectic airy blend of silk and lavender that can impressively exhale several power notes. Her and Moiez develop an organic chemistry with this song as they ride identical wavelengths of energy and emotion.

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