Mat Zo Wants to Replace Rain Man’s Spot in Krewella

Unless you live under a rock, you know that former Krewella member Kris Trindl (aka Rain Man) is suing the Yousaf sisters for 5 million dollars after a messy breakup. Basically, Rain Man says he was forced out of the group under unfair terms, the sisters say he resigned and that people have got the story all wrong and…….. Mat Zo says he wants in on the action. Yes, you read that right. The Brit has never been one to bite his tongue and has now joined the lengthy list of producers who have weighed in on the disastrous situation. Zo offered a comedic approach to the split by texting Yasmine and asking her if he could join the Krew, stating that he’d “produce the shit” out of her. Although this is just Mat Zo being his usual comedic self, there is no denying that the trio could make some magic happened if they were to ever join forces.