Join Mad Decent and 1015 Folsom in San Francisco for a Free Halloween Party

Join Mad Decent and 1015 Club in San Francisco for a Free Halloween Party

In the U.S, not many things are free. And with rising prices basically all across the economy, everything is pretty freakin far from it.  And in this awkward time of year where we’re penny pinching together for Halloween shows, New Years Eve shows, on top of other expensive Holiday excursions, it’s even tougher. Needless to say, we don’t think anyone would be upset about some  subsidization relief this time of year.  The good guys at Mad Decent and 1015 Folsom Night Club are here to to bring us just that, however, as they present a strong lineup for their 4th annual Halloween party. Featuring Mad Decent upstarts and crowd favorites Gent and Jawns, Valentino Khan, and Madeaux, along with a few others, the bass-filled event is special indeed, and clearly not only because it’s free.

One of our personal favorite standouts on this night is undoubtedly Madeaux. The L.A native has had a highly successful 2014 with regards to critic attention, with his Love The Machine charting as one of our more underrated EPs of the year. Madeaux’s new-age trap takes are refreshing in a sub-genre that has grown stale with copycat productions, and the fact that San Francisco natives can catch him for free this weekend is a great little deal. So take advantage of this Mad Decent  + 1015 Folsom-sponsored subsidization, and we’ll see you at 1015 Nightclub this Friday. To snag a ticket, RSVP here, on the 1015 Folsom Facebook page.