Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around…Comes Around (MUTO Remix)

Australian producer, MUTO, announced his return to music making with a creative remix of Justin Timberlake’s 2006 hit,’What Goes Around… Comes Around’. The track’s melodic synth composition and use of deep ambient layers combined with Timberlake’s sampled and edited vocals create a beautiful, harmonizing crescendo that culminates into a energetic, rising and falling hook. MUTO’s blending of the complicated and diverse elements of the chillwave/synthpop genre along with subtle trap layers call to mind a comparison to fellow Australian native producer, Hayden James. ‘What Goes Around..Comes Around (MUTO Remix)’, clearly shows that MUTO has lost none of his ethereal flow since his last release, ‘Sugar Feat. Mel May’, and instead, has seemed to build, and further improve upon his sound. In short, MUTO’s ambitious re-entry back to the music scene via a remix of an eight-year-old pop track is, at the very least, a promising sign for great things to come from the many new tunes MUTO has planned.