Feed Me & Kill The Noise - Far Away (Official Music Video)

Feed Me & Kill The Noise – Far Away

Feed Me and Kill The Noise decided to market themselves in a unique way by debuting their music video for ‘Far Away‘ on Adult Swim’s Toonami this weekend. As we mentioned in our review of the record, the duo travelled to an elementary school to pull inspiration from and the trip gave them some intriguing ideas to work with. The result is a trip-filled music video that fits right into the mold of content that Adult Swim proudly presents. Feed Me and Kill The Noise are stranded on a deserted island and go exploring, whereupon they find a volcano. Within the marshmallow volcano is the illuminati tri-force which teleports the two between alien worlds. There are few words we can publish to describe what happens next, but it’s suffice to say that there is a reason it debuted at 1am EST. This music video will certainly alter your perception of the song and give you a greater appreciation of it so watch it below and be sure to grab the single ‘Far Away’ on iTunes here.