Fan Gets Stuck in Vent Trying to Sneak Into Martin Garrix’s Show

EDM artists have some crazy fans these days, and Martin Garrix, you’re at the top of the list. During Dooms Night in Vancouver, a resilient fan who was thrown off the premise after being caught trying to climb a fire escape into the Pacific Coliseum made a second attempt to sneak into the show by climbing through one of the venue’s vents. It was reported that “he came around the other side of the building, pried a vent cover off a venting system that we have into the building and tried to enter the event through the ducting system and became stuck.” It wasn’t until around 2 am, long after the show ended, that a coliseum employee heard cries for help and discovered the man stuck in the building’s ducting system. Fire and rescue crews were called to the scene and able to rescue the fan within minutes. Although he was unharmed, the man is now in custody and facing charges after attempting to gain illegal access into Martin Garrix’s show. This fan’s attempt to beat the system to see Garrix for free turned into quite the ordeal. Lesson of the day: just buy a ticket!

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