DJ Snake Spells Out The 13 Rules of Summer [Tour Recap Video]

The life of a DJ is never a simple one, especially with dance musics popularity growing at an exponential rate. And with the summer season being the most popular time of the year for touring, leave it up to one of France’s most iconic DJ’s, DJ Snake, to release an epic recap of what his summer was all about. From Electric Daisy Carnival to Tomorrowland, and everywhere in between, the frenchman clearly had one blockbuster summer that will be difficult to top next year. For DJ Snake’s official rules of Summer 2014, see below:

DJ Snakes 13 Rules:

1: Get Up
2: Drops
4: Meet Friends
5: Dance
6: TD4W
7: Say Random Stuff
8: Do Random Stuff
9: More Travel
10: Get Low
11: Drink
12: More Dance
13: FIN

Check out the official DJ Snake Summer Recap video below, and bask in the memories of summer 2014!