Dinnerdate – Memoire [Next Wave Records]

It’s a cold Tuesday evening across most of the United States, and there’s no better way to unwind the worst day of the week than with a little down tempo Dinnerdate. The Munich-based producer is noteworthy for his low key, organic productions that accentuate the small details of music soundscapes. ‘Memoire’ starts out seasonally enough, yielding the intro to a heavy rain sample and crooning vocal stabs. Heavy, encapsulating bass takes over the frequency range of ‘Memoire’ while remaining intrinsically low key. The track releases on tastemaking-minded label Nextwave, one of our favorite boutique labels these days, we implore you to check them out. Dinnerdate has a four more releases coming out in the very near future, which is quite a treat for us, as ‘Memoire’ really shows of his apparent range of production skill. Clearly capable of switching between downtempo statements and house journeys, we’re excited for the next four weeks of music from Dinnerdate.