Dillon Francis – When We Were Young (Grandtheft Remix)

Dillon Francis - When We Were Young (Grandtheft Remix)

What do Katy Perry, T.I. and Calvin Harris have in common? They’re all huge superstars, they released massive hits this year with ‘This Is How We Do‘, ‘No Mediocre‘ and ‘Summer‘ respectively, but most importantly: they all chose Grandtheft to remix their songs. Now, you can add Dillon Francis to the list, as he has called-upon the Toronto producer to put his spin on Money Sucks, Friends Rule‘s first single, ‘When We Were Young‘. The release date has not been determined, but with Francis’ debut album currently the talk of the dance music community, there is no better time to debut the track. Grandtheft keeps the ever-so catchy vocals intact, but transforms the progressive house anthem into a blissful trap tune that is perfect for when you’re just looking for something to chill out to. While his versatility has never been questioned, this ‘When We Were Young’ remix only confirms that the Mad Decent artist has the ability to succeed in any genre. Whether it’s trap, house, hip-hop or Jersey club, we are looking forward to hearing whatever Grandtheft has in store for us next.