Dillon Francis – Love in the Middle of a Firefight (feat. Panic! At The Disco)

Before you go and listen to this song, be warned  that it’s probably not what you’re expecting from Dillon Francis. One thing avid Dillon Francis fans know is that while his 110-moombahthon records are his more well-known works, Dillon certainly lacks nothing in terms of producing good music in general. Much like his hit Without You with T.E.E.D., the latest single off his upcoming album Money Sucks, Friends Rule really displays Francis’s knack for music production in any genre. Incorporating the absolutely unmistakable vocals of Brandon Urie (frontman for Panic! At The Disco), Love in the Middle of a Firefight surely taps into nostalgic years of when rock bands like Urie’s were the “in” thing to listen to. The instrumental itself is a strong, heavy-footed love ballad that accompany Urie’s beautifully sung lyrics in equal presence rather than overshadowing his voice with quick builds and overloaded drops. This latest masterpiece by L.A.’s People’s Champ will undoubtedly make even the most anti-EDM music lovers bob their heads and leave them wanting to listen again. Be sure to purchase Money Sucks, Friends Rule when it drops on October 27th.