Dillon Francis-Not Butter

In the seventh track of his newest album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule, Dillon Francis explodes on the track ‘Not Butter‘. A song that is so uniquely produced, ‘Not Butter’ is one of those tracks that could have only come from Dillon. The pulsing intro and climbing buildup to the first drop, clocking in at a little over a minute, pushes the listener’s anticipation to the limit, before it is interrupted by an echoing siri-like voice, who really can’t believe it’s not butter. The drop’s thumping kicks and heavy, descending, minor chord synths show that ‘Not Butter’ is a track full of real aggression. However, ‘Not Butter’ maintains a hilarious level of goofiness in true Dillon fashion through the robotic lyrics that still just can’t believe it’s not butter. Dillon Francis’ album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule is now available for download, and you can catch Dillon on tour now, with his next show this Saturday in Las Vegas.