Check Out Investigative Reporter Dillon Francis Interview Martin Garrix at ADE

Check Out Investigative Reporter Dillon Francis Interview Martin Garrix

Hearing how fast Martin Garrix’s career has exploded gets old fast, but hearing about how he did it never will. Appearing at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) this past week, Garrix made the rounds performing in front of fans in his home country, telling some amazing stories about his extremely quick rise to fame as well as his experiences producing music and DJing over the past year. One of his many stops during the ADE festivities was an interview in the Facebook studio with DJ/Produce…errr…Investigative Reporter Dillon Francis.

Dillon covered all the bases in his investigative reporting, asking all the important questions about Martin’s life, inspiration, and everything in between. ADE is the European equivalent to the Winter Music Conference in Miami, allowing European dance fans to get a close up glimpse into the lives of the best DJ/Producers. It is always fun when two good friends and collaborators come together like this to give their fans something to enjoy besides their music. Dillon and Martin recently released their first collaboration, ‘Set Me Free,’ which will appear on Dillon’s debut album ‘Money Sucks, Friends Rule,’ available October 28. Check out Francis’ interview with Garrix below, as well as the track, which has received great reviews so far.