Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding Together Again for New Single ‘Outside’

calvin harris ellie goulding
Calvin Harris continues to give people exactly what they want; more new music. Calvin and Ellie Goulding recently released a new single off of “Motion” entitled ‘Outside.’ The monstrous collaboration is an emotional song about breaking up with your significant other and trying to move on. The tune could be mistaken as a sequel to the duo’s smash hit “I Need Your Love”; one dealing with insatiable love, one dealing with immeasurable heart break. Calvin carries Ellie’s voice along a simple chord progression before turning it up a notch with high hitting synthesizers. ‘Outside’ promises to follow in the footsteps of “Summer” and “Blame” as a radio sensation, and is available on iTunes now. It is the fifth track available off the album, while two others, “Burnin” and “Together” remain short teasers. The album will be available for digital download on November 4th, and can be pre-ordered on iTunes here.