Bassnectar – Open Up (Minnesota Remix)

In an uplifting liquid drum and bass remix of ‘Open Up’, Minnesota takes the original track, described by Bassnectar as “like a love song to those fans and also to humanity in general”, and flips it into a fast paced DnB ballad. The combination of two artists that excel in producing beautiful tracks, create a song that maintains the original beauty orchestrated by Bassnectar and incorporates a melodious piano riff and astral synths, courtesy of Minnesota, that add an extra layer of alluring harmony.

Minnesota expertly delivers a track that, with its paired kick and snares, seemed to be calling for a drum and bass remix. This track is just one of the remixes to come out from the NOISE VS BEAUTY remixes album, which was released on October 27th and contains 22 tracks, including remixes and bonus Bassnectar material. Both artists are currently on tour and will be performing in Illinois on Halloween night.