AC Slater Put the Underground Back into the Party With Night Bass Tour

AC Slater Brings Underground Party With Night Bass Tour

AC Slater recently announced that he is extending his monthly Los Angeles electronic party, Night Bass, into a full fledged North American tour. His monthly escapade that inspired the Night Bass Tour was a manifestation of Slater’s love of UK garage and became so popular that he decided to create an entire 12 city, 12 day North Bass Tour beginning on Oct. 1, starting in Montreal and wrapping in San Francisco. AC Slater, a.k.a. Aaron Clevenger, is advertising his Night Bass Tour as a show for those who are looking for something other than an EDM event littered with lasers and crazy mic-happy DJs.

In a recent interview with Gotta Dance Dirty, Clevenger described the roots of North Bass, labeling it as “a combination of all the music that I really fell in love with at one point or another like UKG, Grime, Bassline, Rap, Old Skool Rave and whatever else. Anything that has a lot of bass gives me chills when I hear it. I’ve always loved UK music and Night Bass is just an American’s interpretation of it.” When explaining his monthly event that transformed into a North American tour, he explained, “there was no outlet to hear the music that I love, the music that I promote with my label, all these talented artists making cool shit that people need to hear. In November I reached out to Dim Mak to help me pull it off and they loved the idea. We began planning out all the aspects and we worked really hard on it. I wanted to create more than just an event, but a whole culture around the event.”

AC Slater pointed out that Night Bass isn’t just his monthly event or tour, but “a description of the music. Not a genre, but more like a wider ‘sound’ or feeling.” The party is also his way of encouraging dance music fans to be more aware of the genre’s history, and to bring the focus back to the sounds rather than to elaborate visuals or special effects. He added, “sometimes you don’t want someone screaming at you to throw your hands up every five minutes or to be blinded by lasers. Sometimes you just want to go to a dark club and dance.” As dance music has transitioned into the mainstream, Clevenger said he worries about the less commercial interpretations of EDM getting lost in the mix. AC Slater’s Night Bass Tour dates will be more accessible than an underground warehouse party, but will still deliver the same vibe. This will hopefully promote and bring attention to the wide variety of EDM that is produced and available today.

Join AC Slater on the road with Jack Beats, Hannah Wants and Kry Wolf by purchasing Night Bass Tour tickets here!

Night Bass North America Tour Dates

October 1 Montreal, Canada @ New City Gas

October 2 Denver, CO @ Beta

October 3 Brooklyn, NY @ Verboten

October 4 Toronto, Canada @ Tattoo *

October 5 Miami, FL @ Grand Central *

October 6 Boston, MA @ Royale

October 7 Austin, TX @ Republic

October 8 Vancouver, Canada @ Celebrities

October 9 San Diego, CA @ Fluxx

October 10 Los Angeles, CA @ Lot 613 *

October 11 Albuquerque, NM @ El Rey

October 12 San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine

* does not include Kry Wolf