The Voyagers ft. Haris – A Lot Like Love (Oliver Heldens Edit) (Official Music Video)

Deep/tech house superstar on the rise, Oliver Heldens, has released a music video to hype the release of his upcoming remix of ‘A Lot Like Love’ by The Voyagers. The video keeps true to the mellow nature of the song and affectionate lyrics. It features silhouettes and faded figures of couples coming together against a constantly changing colorfully opaque background. Though it’s not necessarily the most invigorating video ever released, it captures the groovy, deep essence of the track, and any video that captures the essence of a track has done its job right.

This ‘A Lot Like Love’ video should build excitement for the upcoming release on September 15th via Spinnin’ Deep Records. The song perfectly combines Helden’s signature deep, funky sound with a catchy, repetitive vocal to make for a phenomenal track. The 19 year old just keeps pumping out great tracks; it’s pretty safe to say that this is going to be a huge year for him. If ya wanna hear him drop ‘A Lot Like Love’, or just see Helden’sBe sure to catch him live as he finishes up his summer tour in Europe and heads to California for a few stops.