[Video] The Chainsmokers Break It Down on How To PLUR It Up

No matter what you may think of them, The Chainsmokers have surely been one of the most talked about acts in dance music this year. The New Yorkian dance music duo have had quite a few impressive releases come out this year and are certainly here to stay. However, The Chainsmokers want to make it abundantly clear that they’re much more than two guys who made a fun song about taking pictures of yourself on smartphones, they in fact know exactly what individuals need to have a crazy, swagged out time at your common festival. Alex and Drew have the whole system drawn out for you perfectly in this interesting and informative video. They go over how to PLUR and make all the proper PLUR of brightly colored PLURs that the great and almighty Tiesto would approve of, what constitutes a good Fathead that prevents you losing your friends or friends losing you and even how to get weird! If you need a crash course to maximize your festival experience at TomorrowWorld this year, this video is undoubtedly for you!