Stupid Things on the Internet: Moms Against Molly is a Twitter Account You Should be Following

Since the launch of their Twitter account just about two weeks ago, Moms Against Molly has gained over 2,000 followers, making them one of the fastest growing, grass-roots EDM Twitter accounts online today. Although it is most likely a satirical account capitalizing on the current primary topic that grips EDM, it is hilarious nonetheless. Plus, it’s totally something we could see a group of middle aged, suburban mothers legitimately getting behind. The twitter page is littered with illegitimate and hyperbolic tweets about drugs, testifying such things like “#Ravers: Touching someone on molly is #dangerous! Call 911 instead. #banEDM”. The page also makes unwarranted stabs against some of our favorite producers such as Skrillex, Diplo, Knife Party and Bro Safari, tweeting things like “#Moms: Doesn’t Knife Party sound like a #deadly party? #DeadTeens #banEDM“. To make matters worse, the Moms Against Molly twitter page has extremely religious undertones to some of their messages in attempt to turn people away from electronic music, with tweets such as “#Jesus saves, Satan #raves” and “#EDC = #Evil #Death #Circus . #EDC is a #satanic celebration of #sex and #indulgence! We must #stop this #Moms! #banEDM #SaveOurKids!” To whoever started this, well done. While it may not be the best topic to poke fun at, we’re definitely still getting a good chuckle. 


Get a taste of some of the hilarity below.