SFX CEO Robert Sillerman’s Global Lifestyle is Up for Grabs

The Richest Man in EDM's Global Lifestyle is Up for Grabs

Robert Sillerman is arguably one of EDM’s most powerful players. Having spearheaded the expansion of SFX, the event company who’s responsible for the recent acquisitions of companies such as Beatport and ID&T, it is safe to safe that Sillerman’s life is pretty chaotic and his pockets are pretty deep.

But now in a huge move to take “a step towards simplifying [his family’s] lives,” Sillerman has put six of his multi-million dollar mansions up for sale. These estates will run anywhere between $21 million dollars for a a set of island villas in Antigua, all the way up to $39 million for his eight bedroom mansion located in the Hamptons. Another option would be to purchase all six properties in one go, which will amount to almost $107 million, which would get you ‘a global lifestyle in one fell swoop,” according to an estate agent in charge of Sillerman’s property. It’s interesting to note that SFX hasn’t necessarily been doing all that well, with the stock price steadily dropping ever lower over the past year. Food for thought.

Below are a handful of images of the properties in question, courtesy of WSJ. Take a look through, and tell us what you would do to live this kind of lifestyle.