Michael Calfan – Prelude [Spinnin’ Records]

Michael Calfan - Prelude

Michael Calfan – Prelude

A superb offering from house maestro Michael Calfan was released late last week entitled Prelude, and its splendidly crisp piano made it a must-mention for us to start this week off. Combining simplistic elements into a mesmerizing concoction is the essence of good progressive house, and “Prelude” is certainly that, with an obvious new age spin. Vocal plucks whirl around horned pads and aggressive piano progressions, all combining for a track that begs for repeat plays. The simplicity of “Prelude” is its primary feature, and the future house-tinged melody provides for an appropriately timed blending of genres, considering the current direction of dance music. It’s a top notch release for Spinnin’, who have been putting out some fire material in the future house/ progressive categories as of late (Sam Feldt, Steve James, just to name a few). Be on the lookout for more material from this French producer, and pick up the track on Beatport for your collection.