Martin Garrix & MOTi - Virus (How About Now)

18 year old superstar on the rise, Martin Garrix, has teamed up with MOTi to bring us another massive hit in the making. The powerful, high energy track Virus has been making the festival rounds this summer, but nobody knew whose it was or where it came from. Spinnin’ Records has just released the track via Soundcloud and revealed that it was in fact Martin Garrix and MOTi who are behind the viral ‘Virus’. The track features passionate female vocals that build into a powerful, yet catchy drop that is sure to have any crowd jumping around. It’s a clear blend of MOTi’s, who is also Tiesto’s protégé, electro and Garrix’s big room house sound. This combination makes for a formidable track that has the ability to be played at the largest festival or from the comfort of your own car stereo. Be sure to keep a keen eye on these two stars on the rise and download your copy of ‘Virus’ as it drops on October 13th.