Lemaitre - Wait (Jenaux Remix)

Lemaitre – Wait (Jenaux Remix)

Those enduring a whirlwind of chaos this week have a bright light to look up to with the addictingly groovy release of New York City producer Eugene Veltman’s remix of Lemaitre’s ‘Wait‘. Better known as Jenaux, Veltman stylizes his music with incredibly deep, hollow tones that reverberate throughout your head, giving your brain a nice little musical massage; have a listen to his remix of Cazzette’s ‘Sleepless’ for some extra mental pulsations.

Carrying a solid musical background consisting of intense classical theory and piano lessons at a young age, Jenaux’s musical acumen is noticeable in the way he seamlessly intertwines his personal melodies and rhythmic syncopations into his work, enhancing the overall sound while preserving the integrity of the original. In his rendition of ‘Wait’, the layering of deep sounds accentuates the subtle funk of the original’s bass slaps and trumpet flairs. These subtleties carry each lucky listener into an enjoyable groove of head swaying and shoulder bobbing. Have a listen to ‘Wait’ and enjoy the mini sonic vacation from the frenzy of life.