Disney Fires Back at Deadmau5, Scoffs at Cease and Desist

Deadmau5 Versus Disney
Days after Deadmau5 tried to turn the tables on Disney for illegally using his song ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff’, a spokesperson from Disney has promptly responded to these allegations, stating to Billboard, “The music was appropriately licensed, and there is no merit to his statement.”

The spokesperson then adds, “Disney vigorously protects its trademark rights, and we oppose Mr. Zimmerman’s attempt to register a logo that is nearly identical to our trademarks for his commercial exploitation. Our opposition is not about the use of the Deadmau5 costume.”

Neither party has disclosed any further details on the legal battle, but given the current circumstances, this could get very messy and drawn out. It’s no question who has the bigger guns here, and for all of the clout and cash Joel possesses within the dance music community, he obviously has nothing on Disney. In the war to “Lawyer Up,” Mr. Mau5 is clearly outgunned. Either way, it will be interesting to see just how far the outspoken producer is willing to take things against one of the largest corporations in the world.

Via Billboard
Photo Via ThisSongIsSick