Diplo Makes Cameo in Channing Tatum’s ‘Dick Graze’ Video

In the most peculiar news of the day, we find superstar producer Diplo appearing in a little music video with Channing Tatum. Although that may not seem too strange seeing as the two worked together in the film 22 Jump Streetthe topic of the song will have you cringing. Tatum raps about how common handshakes are getting lame, so he proposed that the best solution is for dudes to start touching each other’s penises as a form of saying hello. The ladies were not forgotten either, as his 22 Jump Street co-star Jillian Bell educates listeners about the ‘Tit Graze’ so that girls can get in on the action too. While we are still waiting on confirmation regarding Diplo’s stance on the Dick Graze, we can assume that he would be more into the female version.

For those wondering who produced the track, it was not Diplo himself, but it was one of the artists from his label Mad Decent. Paul Devro was recently in the news after uploading a track he recorded with recently deceased New Orleans rapper Nicky Da B. Now, he is back in it for happier reasons, as the beat he produced for the song has been listened to by over 400,000 people on YouTube.