[UPDATE] Uber uploads video of Deadmau5′ night in the McLaren

If you have a need for speed, love electronic music and live in downtown Toronto, then we suggest you pick up your phone and call Uber because you just might be in for a treat. We have all seen deadmau5’s famous ‘Coffee Run’ videos and if you’re anything like us, you have dreamt about sitting shotgun while the megastar producer chauffeurs you around town. Tonight is the night that your dream can become a reality, as Joel Zimmerman will be taking his McLaren 650S to the streets of Ontario’s capital as an Uber driver. That being said, if you are a Toronto native, don’t be surprised if you see a giant mouse head cruising down Lake Shore Boulevard tonight with an ecstatic co-pilot next to him.

Update [9/12] Uber uploads video of Deadmau5′ night in his McLaren.